Moving onto the next challenges!

The time has come to step out from my comfort zone and after over 5 years of a great adventure with Vivid Games move to other company to make other projects.
Working in Vivid Games was a fantastic experience and great fun. I learned a lot about mobile games development and coding in general. People there are kind and friendly, atmosphere is amazing.

But still, staying in the same place in the same position for too long is dangerous and there comes a time when doing what you’re doing is not enough anymore. The form of the mobile market took a form which disapoints and disgust me. I don’t want to take part of it. It has nothing to do with VG, this is all my personal opinion. I want to make something bigger. And here I am, in Madmind Studio, doing some great stuff… which I’m gonna write about just when I will be able to.

This also means I have a lot of work and a lot of knowledge to absorb. Switching from mobile engine/backend coding to PC gameplay is tough, but I’m ready for a challenge and will do my best!

Stay tooned! Cheers!