Useful specifiers for Blueprint nodes generation

Here I wanted to show you some useful UE4 specifiers used in functions, properties and classes declarations which helped me writing cleaner and more user friendly code and BP nodes.

Variadic templates and initializer lists

Here I'd like to show you how to utilize variadic template functions' properties and initializer lists to write better and cleaner code.

Syntax highlighting on web page with highlight.js

How to highlight blocks of code on a web page? The easiest way to do it is by using highlight.js! Here's how to use it step by step.

C++ traits vs. if constexpr

Long time ago I wrote about C++ traits and how to use them to write functions which can have different bodies depends on the template type they use.

Updating actors in the editor in Unreal Engine 4

Did you know that you can tick actors inside the editor viewport? It can be useful if you want to visualize how the moving actor will look and feel on the scene without even playing the game. And it is really easy to do!

Welcome to the new blog!

So this is my new blog. The old one - is no more.

This wasn't a first transformation of my website. The original one has been made long time ago, I don't remember when exactly. Then was made in the end of 2014 and after almost 6 years I moved to a bloggerservice.
There were few reasons I decided to do it. My previous site was written based on and the whole theme was made by me. During these years there were many changes in the world of the Internet, like the duty to displaying informations about cookies, the need of making secure connection via https and the need of supporting mobile devices.
To be honest - I didn't have time to take care of all of these things. I also had to host my page by myself, which of course costs money which I'm currently trying to save for... personal stuff.
So this is why I've moved to the free and up to date service like blogger. Now I can focus on creating content and don't be bothered by any web standar…

Using Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace on Linux

One of the biggest problem when developing on Linux with Unreal Engine 4 is the absence of Epic Games Launcher and Marketplace. The Engine itself can be built from source, but there is no source code for the Launcher. Luckily, there is a solution for that and it’s name is Lutris.

Lutris is a platform which installs and runs games and applications using emulators and compatibility layers using the best possible configurations. In other words – it makes installing games using Wine much, much easier.

Here’s my approach in using Lutris to download content from the UE4 Marketplace.